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How to Place Stop Loss in Trading?

Prevent trading loss is a technique that traders employ to reduce their losses.

Let us assume, for instance, that Abhay purchases 50 units of ITC Ltd. for Rs 167.

In brief, the share price would be reduced to 165 rupees per share. Ashish intends to minimize his damages, he places Rs.163 in order for stop-loss.

Whereas if price decreased to Rs. 163, his broker would then dispose of the shares for additional loss prevention.

And on the contrary side, Abhay wished to keep his holdings if the share price jumped to Rs. 175 a unit.

Hence Abhay safeguards his trade by avoiding possible losses by setting the stop loss in his business.

What is Stop Loss?

Stop trading loss is a highly effective tool for traders to minimize their damages.

It's just an option for traders to dispose of their shares if indeed the stock value hits a certain price.

This focuses on automating the sales process in many market situations.

Stop-loss may be utilized for both short-term and long-term purposes, however, day traders will be most successful.

In addition, brokers do not collect additional costs for this kind of order, creating a more efficient for traders.

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Methods to Place Stop Loss in Trading?

You should usually cease trading loss at the bottom of the latest dip when you purchase the stock.

Consequently, while disposing of the stock one should set a stop loss in betting at the peak of the most preceding candlestick.

There are several methods to determine the degrees of stop-loss:

  • Support Levels

The traders frequently utilize resistance levels to establish stop-loss levels.

Inside the Banks In India weekly chart we may put an end to trade loss at 235 aid level, and if this level is violated, our stop-loss order is implemented at Rs. 235.

  • Percentage Method

Another way to avoid trading loss is via the percentage approach.

Unless you can accept a 10% loss depending on your risk aversion, for example. You may then set a 10 percent lower stop loss value than the purchasing price.

  • Through Technical Indicators

Traders frequently utilize technical indicators to identify thresholds of stop loss.

For instance, you may set a stop loss slightly underneath the longer moving average length of time compared to the shorter calculating average.

Inside this State Bank of India trendline, we have quite a stop-loss at a bottom of 20 MA, the longest timeframe in this set-up.

  • Fibonacci Retracement

Fibonacci Retracing levels may also be utilized to calculate the amount of stop loss.

These are some of the methods to put an end to your business, but a trader should put an end to its trade plan.

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Advantages of Placing Stop-Loss:

Take a peek at the advantages: 

  • Reduces your Losses

Stop trading losses assist us to reduce our deficits and also guarantee that we do not lose much.

Many times, when we don't stop ordering, we incur a significant loss when the price drops sharply.

  • Provides Automation

Stop-loss in trading assists in automating our sales since we don't always have to be there on our trading displays.

A stop-loss is typically initiated if the stock reaches a specified price.

  • Helps in Maintaining Risk and Reward

You should keep risks and rewards when trading.

For instance, if you specify that you are just 2% or 5%, you risk getting so much profit. This allows you to keep your 'risk and reward' with a stop loss.

  • Helps in Promoting Discipline
  • It is essential to separate oneself from the feelings of the market. Stop-loss assists us to adhere to your plan and encourages disciplined trade.

Mistakes to Avoid When You Place Stop Loss:

Following are several errors that the trader must avoid when stopping the loss:

  • Not Determining Your Stop Placement in Advance

A trader ought to be aware of where his stop will be once he takes position. The advantage of determining your stop loss prior you start trading is that it eliminates any sentiment.

  • Placing Your Stop Based on Arbitrary Numbers

You should not establish your stop loss on random figures. They must calculate their stop loss depending on the above-mentioned technical factors.

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