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The World's First Cryptocurrency Fantasy Gaming Platform Is Launched By Rainmaker.

India emerged as the world's second-largest Cryptocurrency Market in terms of adoption last year. Rainmaker, the world's first fantasy Crypto game, was launched today with the goal of revolutionising the entire experience for India's crypto enthusiasts and curious.

Rainmaker was founded on the principle of democratising knowledge for those who want to grasp the intricacies of this investing route in an entertaining way. By gamifying transactions and allowing users to gain analytical skills in Crypto portfolio management, it provides a close-to-real experience. In the Stock Market fantasy league India, the platform provides a comparable experience by simulating the genuine Stock Exchanges in India. Rainmaker is now available for download from the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

Rainmaker's Crypto fantasy game is linked to a real-world global cryptocurrency exchange and leverages data and references from live events all around the world. In a fantasy game world, players can securely make lifelike exchanges. They can choose from over 20 various contest styles, both paid and free, on the platform. It allows users to exit whenever they want, giving them complete in-game control over loss/profit booking.

“While India's enthusiasm for cryptocurrency trading has surpassed that of the United States and China, knowledge on how to maximise one's investment in crypto trading remains scarce,” said Harsh Himmatsingka, Founder & CEO of Rainmaker. With Rainmaker, we intend to attract not only the crypto literate, but also those who are unsure yet fascinated about crypto, and provide them with the knowledge they need to confidently become true crypto traders.”

“Even in stock trading, India is seeing increasing participation from a wider range of individuals, with young professionals swiftly joining the fray,” he continued. Many of these are from tier II and III cities, which is positive and indicates a developing investment and profitability mindset. We intend to accelerate this trend with Rainmaker. Rainmaker offers the ideal balance of adrenaline and know-how to produce a rewarding experience for the many gaming aficionados who are simply looking for high-octane fun.”

Rainmaker is the flagship product of First Stock Contest Limited, a Real Money Gaming (RMG) internet firm founded in 2021. First Stock Contest Limited aspires to create solutions that will transform the RMG sector through industry-leading design and technology, as well as gamification-focused learning pathways for long-term wealth creation.

About Rainmaker

Rainmaker is the world's first legal fantasy stock exchange and cryptocurrency gaming app, designed for individuals from all walks of life. Rainmaker was founded in India with the goal of educating everyone and connecting trade enthusiasts from all around the world together on a single platform. The software includes over 20 different contest game formats, as well as several timed competitions for each format and an endless number of free contests to practise with.

The entire game is based on a basic online fantasy investment gaming premise in terms of user incentives, using data from live events, analyses, and fluctuations in the real-time Indian stock and worldwide cryptocurrency markets using real-time exchange data.

For further information, please visit:

Visit www.rainmaker.win for more information.

Rainmaker.win can be reached at info@rainmaker.win.